CAPS LOCK emerge from the vibrant Midwest music scene which saw its astonishing growth stunted by a year that sent musicians scrambling to the studio and rehearsal spaces to fight for survival.  The core members of CAPS LOCK are no exception in that regard, however that’s about where the similarities with the local scene end.  Wary of falling into the typical camps of blues based rock bands, alt country outfits, and familiar subject matter, CAPS LOCK set out to explore new sonic territory by embracing the vastness of musical variety.  Adding another obstacle to their formation, the pandemic forced CAPS LOCK to reverse the traditional order of song construction that typically calls for live mastery before the recording process begins.  Here, the basic structure of the songs grew and took shape in the studio, adding parts and personnel only when the song itself called for it. In service to the song is the guiding mantra of the band.  Initiated by Joe Borbely, he soon enlisted visionary producer and bassist, Micah Hattaway, to help craft the tracks that would make up the band’s first EP, Higher Standard of Deviation. Micah brought in the rock-steady talent of Travis Wheat on drums, and rounded out the line-up with Ryan Leuty on guitar/synth.
The meticulously detailed music results in a transcendental voyage that alludes to their influences without aping them. Instead, the band use familiar foundations as an operating base, adding an array of genres, sounds, and instrumentation that results in a post-progressive space-rock.  Both Deep Purple and Pink Floyd color CAPS LOCK’s sound palette, but strains of Hawkwind, Genesis, early Blue Oyster Cult, and Roxy Music are obvious touchstones as well. To flavor that base, the band adds elements of early 80’s pop, 90’s rock radio, and even reggae funk.  One will hear INXS and Duran Duran as clearly as Peter Tosh and Bernie Worrell.  The recording studio expertise of Hattaway is the secret weapon to the overall sound, providing painstaking detail, application of effects, and compositional direction, without limiting the sonic exploration. This is music your headphones have been waiting for.
CAPS LOCK uses progressive spacefunk and rock’n’roll as a launch pad to sonically explore fresh soundscapes and musical destinations.